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What exactly are tarot cards? The art of using mystical cards to read information has been used for centuries, and continues to this day. Tarot cards are most often a tool used by psychic readers to discern information. They are useful trigger objects and allow the reader to zone in on subject matter quickly.  Many readers do not use them for anything more than to focus intuition and provide insights.

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     There are many different types of tarot cards. There are traditional decks with the 4 suits and other higher cards, and there are decks specifically designed for certain types of information in your life. There are many decks that are simply known as oracle cards, divination cards, animal totem, power, and angel card decks.  There are too many to list and more are created everyday. Not all readers use cards.

     Each psychic reader has certain decks that they are comfortable in or highly skilled in using.  Many readers employ multiple decks for use depending on what they are asked to answer. 

    Please do not play with these cards untrained in energetic projection or blessing. There are beings of energy communicating through these cards. It is wise to only communicate with those of light. Some of the decks can have negative meanings to them and often if you aren't speaking with a light being your messages can be frightening and false. 

    Almost all of our readers do utilize tarot cards or other types. Look for the Bio's that list tarot if that is your interest, but we would like you to know that the quality of information is not dependent on a certain style or specific deck used, and readers who do not utilize them are no less accurate.