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Psychic Reading

What is a psychic reading and is it real? First we will start with what exactly psychic means. The actual definition of a psychic is a person who reads energy. Energy is everywhere and everything is made of energy. A psychic has the ability to tap into that energy and receive information or impressions from beyond the human 5 senses. This ability has been called the 6th sense or the sight and many other names over the history of human kind. Psychics were often called profits and seers in ancient times. It is absolutely real, and there is much documented proof. Matter of fact we all have a bit of this ability, but it comes in in various ways. 

Psychic reading with Psychic Healer Source
      Reading styles differ for each psychic and what kind of information they bring you varies as well.  We have a variety of readers and styles available for you to choose from here at Psychic Healer Source. We offer more than vague predictions. Although our readers can do this we look beyond it, and we want you to understand that a prediction is subjective and can change. You have free will after all, and if you hear a prediction and decide it isn't what you want or how you want it to turn out you have already altered the course. If you get something you really want then you are aligning yourself with it and draw it in.  Click Here to meet them. 
        The methods of receiving information are known as clairs, and are broken down for you below. You can also visit the definitions tab for further clarity.
  • Clairvoyance {clear seeing} is receiving information visually. This is either through their human eyes or the minds eye or third eye chakra. 
  • Clairaudience  {second hearing} or the ability to hear energy. This can range from hearing a buzzing noise to full voices and noises that others can not detect. 
  • Clairsentience  {clear feeling} is the most common psychic skill and almost everyone has some of this. Goose bumps and cold chills are common. "Feeling" someone is there when they aren't visible. These are all common, and the strongest form of this type of sensitivity is known as empathy.

  • Claicognizance  {clear knowing} is also called intuition. It is a knowing of things with no earthly reason. An ability to understand or be aware of things without being told. This is enhanced by trust. The more  you trust this knowing the stronger it becomes.  Most often this comes through in form of thought in the persons own voice, but can also be another.
       Each psychic has their own blend and way of understanding the information they receive. Psychic abilities are gifts but also must be considered a skill as a reader must have working knowledge of them to be able to relay the information. Without training and understanding they would remain confused and often scared of their abilities. Most psychics utilize more than one if not all of the clairs, and their abilities will grow and change as they are utilized.  
      There are various types of readings, and each reader specializes and or has training in certain areas. For example a medium is a psychic and all psychics are not mediums. This particular reader connects with the energy of departed human souls. Others work with animals, read palms, tarot cards, communicate with angels, and a channel allows a being of light such as an angel to utilize their physical body and speak directly to you. We also have readers who can access your Akashic records
      What can you expect from a psychic reading? Well it is actually best if you enter a reading space without expectations, and allow yourself to accept the information given.  Our goal is to provide the information and conformation to follow your own intuition, connect you with your departed loved one for closure, or to deliver messages and encouragement from your guides to move through the challenges you are facing in your life. 

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