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There are many terms used in the metaphysical community that might not be easily followed if you have little or no experience with them. We strive to make this as user friendly as possible.
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The term psychic is often misunderstood. A psychic simply means that you are able to read and discern energy. This doesn't always mean that a person can connect with departed loved ones. A medium is a psychic but a psychic is not always a medium.

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A medium is a psychic reader trained to safely connect with departed loved ones. This type of reading can help you answer questions and process grief in order to heal and continue on this life's journey.

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A shaman is a psychic healer who utilizes the Native American philosophies and methods of healing. Shaman beliefs are based in nature and tradition. A shaman undergoes a vast amount of training and passing of sacred knowledge.

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Energy / Vibration

We are all made of energy. It is our life force. Many refer to it as vibration. Every ancient culture knew of this energy and used it in their healing and sacred rituals. Everything living and non living has a vibration and energy.  Thoughts and emotions are all energy. Everyone reads and respond to                                                  energy without even knowing it.  

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Energy Healer / Master Reiki

This type of spiritual healer works within the physical and metaphysical fields of the body to help you balance and releases blockages in the healing process on a physical and emotion level. This is often done via distance and is as effective as if done in person. There are many modalities and processes a healer                                     may utilize or combine for their clients. 

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Clairvoyance / Clairvoyant

Sometimes called second sight, it means clear seeing. People who possess this type of energetic communication and understanding can see things that others can not. They can do this either with their human eyes or mind's eye ,third eye, with their physical eyes are closed.  

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Clairaudience / Clairaudient

Second hearing or the ability to hear energy. This can range from hearing a buzzing noise to full voices. These are noises that others can not detect.

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Clairsentience / Clairsentient

Clear feeling. This is the most common psychic skill and almost everyone has some of this. Goose bumps and cold chills are common. "Feeling" someone is there when they aren't visible. These are all common sensations, and the strongest form of this type of sensitivity is known as empathy.

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Empath / Empathic

This is a strong sensitivity to physical and emotional energy. Empaths can discern the emotional state of others and even feel the strong physical symptoms of others. This is known as pain transference. It is critical for empaths to learn to protect themselves energetically to not hold the                                                     illness  & imbalance of others.

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This is what most consider the 6th sense. It is a "knowing" of things with no earthly reason why; an ability to understand or be aware of things without being told. This is enhanced by trust. The more you trust this sense of knowing the stronger it becomes.  Most often this comes through in form of                                      thought in the person's own voice, but can also be the voice of another.

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Channel / Channeled

There is a difference between a channeled reading and what a trance channel does. All psychics channel information from the divine, but a trance channel actually allows an energy light being to use their body to speak directly to you. There is no translation required during this type of reading.

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Animal Communication / Pet Psychic

This is a specialized area of work where psychics work directly with animals and pets. While most readers can help with information about pets there are those who can openly communicate and read the physical energy more effectively than others. This type of reading can assist in understanding                                               troublesome behaviors and what might be the best course of action.  

          Light Beings / Spirit Guides / Angels / ET's

            These are beings of energy that are all working through God's light. Their                   interest is in the evolution of the Earth and the people on it. There are many               shapes, forms, and species but all have your best interest in mind, above all                else. They cannot interfere with your life or free will, but will assist and                     support you in any way you allow. There are also negative versions of these               brings. Always be sure what you are dealing with. By universal law they are                                         not permitted to lie to you about being of light if you ask.

       Spirit / Ghost / Entity / Paranormal

         Many of our psychic abilities pick up on those who are not in a body;                     spirits. Mediums have a greater sense of them but all psychics have some                   ability to read the energy of a location or someone who has crossed over.                Many of our healers are also trained to help spirits cross over to the light if               they are resisting or unaware. We have many psychics on this site who                   conduct cleansing and paranormal research.

Tarot Cards / Angel Cards / Oracle Cards

These are decks of cards that act as trigger objects to stimulate information for a psychic reader. When providing a reading psychics may use cards  in order to help hone in on a situation, but not every reader chooses to utilize them . Each reader identifies and connects with different decks, but all                                                 information from  our readers is received from beings of light. We do not                                             allow demonic  or shadow information on our forum. 

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     Akashic Records

      The Akashic records are a little like the internet for humans. It is the recorded       energy of all beings, events, and times. The records are in all frames of time           such as past, present, and future. Those who use the ceremony to open the             records have vast amounts of training. All psychic information comes from the       records, but those who can access them on this level can provide insights into         patterns, stuck energy and how to evolve and move toward enlightenment.

           Crystals / Gemstones

             These are elemental presences of the earth that have the ability to affect                        vibration. Many healers and readers utilize them to protect and clear                            themselves, clients and their space. These come in vast numbers of shapes,                     sizes, and uses. Our readers and healers might suggest you use certain                         gemstones or crystals to further support a desired outcome or progression.