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Align with love

Posted on March 8, 2015 at 8:05 PM Comments comments (1)

This message brought to you by Stella ext 19

Align with love

The season of love is upon us. Soon all of nature will be embraced and nesting. New growth, trees and flowers budding, seeds floating in the wind.

This is the same with your energetic body. Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Take the time to take care of yourself. Eat right, drink plenty of water, be active and sleep well. This will make it much easier to be emotionally welcoming and clear headed when it comes to love.

Spring cleaning your home, your wardrobe, your appearance, even your thoughts and vocabulary is essential.

How you speak of yourself and what you desire should be done reverence and conviction.

Remember to be what you want to attract in a mate. Really embrace the qualities you admire.

Take a few minutes a few times a day to clear you energy an emotions. When your driving alone is a good time to sing at the top of your lungs, have a good cry, vent, have a good laugh. In the shower imagine all the cares and worries being cleared or transmuted.

It's always more fun to focus on what you want. Picture it, feel it, get used to that feeling. Make a image board with the quality that your find enticing. Light a nice smelling candle and envision a romantic evening with your new love.

Try and connect with all the elements each day, walk barefoot, where you can. If you re-pot some plants and affirm you are replanting your desires. You can even name the plant with your desire or stick a little note in the soil.

Let go of judgments and anger from previous relationships and leave a clear doorway for love to enter.

Write down all those thing you do not want to do again, and burn that piece of paper. Safely.

The easiest way to attract the love you desire, is to be the love you desire. Be compassionate, think positively, smile, know that someone out there is looking for you too.

Call upon Archangel Chamuel to help guide you to the right person with gratitude.

Call Stella today for your love reading! 1-800-679-4032 ext 19

Looking for LOVE

Posted on March 8, 2015 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (1)

Message brought by Rayna ext. 16

Looking for LOVE

We are all looking for that special person that we all call the soul mate. This is a bit of a stretch to have only one person that you are totally fulfilled with. No wonder we do not trust our judgment, and when the situation isn’t perfect the question is immediately brought up. What if this person isn’t my soul mate? Well how terrible to waste our time right? Not exactly and I will tell you why. What we are all seeking is not actually known as our soul mate. This is a human notion for something even bigger. What we are seeking is reconnection to home. Our home on the other side of this veil and not in a human body. This other part of our soul is actually our divine compliment. These relationships are incredibly rare, and almost never exist.

Why you are wondering? Well there must be some kind of balance to the universe as above so below. That part stays in nonphysical to keep the energetic balance. That part of you isn’t really separate and usually serves as a guide while you take this tour in human form. If that once in a billion connection is to be made, that is your divine compliment is here you will find them and that cannot be stopped. You won’t have to look very hard, and you cannot miss it. The bad news here is this is where we get the tragic romance. Those relationships such as Romeo and Juliet are based in often end in this fashion. That’s why we are all drawn to this kind of romantic notion. They are fast furious and life changing, and end just as suddenly. That might not seem fair, but you cannot function very well in a life when you cannot focus on anything but each other. Might be great emotionally, but you won’t hold jobs or function in structural human form. You will most likely starve to death together on the street.

What we call “soul mate” and are more common to find is actually called a twin flame. Believe it or not there are more than one roaming this world. There are quite a few actually. Where this get tricky to understand is that sometimes your WORST relationships are sometimes twin flames. How can this be? That goes against everything that you know to be true. It’s supposed to be perfect isn’t it? No this life is not intended to be on any level. We are here learning, growing, and evolving. We can’t do that without a stimulus. Matters of the heart evolve us faster than anything else possibly can.

These twin flame relationships are either world stopping perfect or one of your worst nightmares, and sometimes both are true. Often what happens is there’s a karmic tie between souls that needs to be healed. That is why you will see people in the worst relationships who don’t like each other, but will not choose to end it. Not for anything. It really is in their best interest, but the connection is hard to leave. This is because when things are in tune it is a wonderful thing. But these couples will often read more into situations then are really there and wind up in a screaming match and not even know how or why they got there. It happens like this one person misread the energy took it personal, retaliated, then the other partner does the exact same thing and before you know it BOOM. If you can understand how you are feeling just by yourself and what your triggers are you can choose to not engage and change the whole direction in seconds keeping the perfect side. It’s not easy to do, but better in the long run. Sometimes the challenges of these relationships need to take the forefront, and it’s really time to confront the truth and let go. I promise there is another twin flame in the future waiting, and all you have to do is align yourself energetically to find it. This will be the topic for my next blog stay tuned! Want to know if you are in one of these relationships? Give me a call and let me help you navigate the energy between you and your “twin flame” Rayna ext 16


Dare to dream

Posted on March 6, 2015 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (1)

This Message provided by Charity ext. 24

There are tales the world over of this ever-illusive magic that, when you're a child, feels so real... These tales have been told across campfires since the dawn of time. They have been written into books of fantastical adventures. It's almost like these tales came embedded in our DNA. This innate knowledge that there is more to the world than what we're being told.


Do you remember feeling that way even as a child? Have you ever dreamt of fantastical worlds, or of flying through space, exploring galaxies in your mind?


There has never been a better time to dream! That childlike exuberance has been lost to most of us, shunned and denied a space in our lives. Where does that leave us? Living colorless lives filled with worries about money and material? That child within you is bored and hurting. It's aching to get out. We are never too old to play. We are never too old to cherish our inner child.


Perhaps you are one of the many who had a heartrendingly painful childhood. Did you lock away your battered inner child or did you nurture it? We all too often lose our child selves too early. The world is a harsh place and that vulnerable child is so easily lost, buried so deep in our hearts that we forgot she/he existed. We forget the joy and silliness that came along with that beautiful child that is US.


Why do we take ourselves so seriously? This moment, right now, is all we have. See? Do you feel that? You'll never get that second back again. I don't tell you this to frighten you, or make you sad. I tell you this because you have all of the potential in the world! What better time to dream and play and heal and live your life than right now? Wasn't Grandma Moses in her 80's when she started creating her art? Do what makes you happy, love yourself, dream those dreams, embrace that inner child, that inner YOU that has so much love to give. Today is the perfect day to start healing and finding your joy.

Psychic Fairs & Our Similar Mission

Posted on March 4, 2015 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Do you enjoy visiting psychic fairs? Have you had the opportunity to experience the energy of such events? For those that have not heard of these take some time and find one in your area. These are held all over the country. What is a psychic fair, a bunch of weird people hanging out and dressing like mystics in tie dye? Although you will encounter it, Not exactly.

These fairs are a place to meet psychic readers, energy healers, astrologers, crystal salesman, metaphysical music and books, and all kinds of other people interested in healing naturally. How would you even know where to find such a person if they didn’t have gatherings. Often these people do not advertise themselves in a phone book, and if they did would you call them? Most of the psychics and healers at these events work toward cosmic awareness and personal evolution or enlightenment. They work toward being the best person they can possibly become, and how to align with the divine universe. They have the understanding and ability to teach you how as well. This type of reading and healing goes beyond just predicting what will happen to you. Although it is entertainment, the purpose is to connect you to your truth and purpose. They have not only the ability to see the future but also have an understanding of universal laws and how energy works.

Sounds like a lot of crazy jargon huh. Well we all have questions about our life, all have periods of time we feel stuck and lost. You are not stuck and you are not lost. There are forces beyond what we can physically see or are even aware of. Whether you believe it to be so or not it is reality. These events give you the opportunity to find someone who can help you with realigning yourself and plotting a new course. Psychic Healer Source has gathered those who work these types of events for you here. Although we recommend visiting them and experiencing it firsthand. This line’s purpose is the same. All of the professionals here are authentic, accurate, honest, and working for you. Our goal is not to take advantage of you. Matter of fact our calls are set on a timer to be disconnected at 30 minutes to safeguard for you. If you feel the need to call back you may.

Are you feeling stuck, struggling with making decisions, grieving a loss, feeling unsure, or disconnected? Visit our homepage and pick your psychic consultant or energy healer, and let us help you rediscover your path.


Activation Through Meditation

Posted on March 3, 2015 at 1:45 PM Comments comments (0)

This message brought to you by Sunny EXT 10. Call her today for your connection to source!

Activation through meditation


The word and practice of meditation has become a rediscovered natural phenomenon in households all over the world. Many people practice meditation weekly and daily. But many are still wondering what exactly is meditation, and how does it impact the individual? Meditation comes in many forms such as walking meditation, guided, transcendental, and quiet mindful meditation. The purpose of this ancient tradition is to connect to yourself, your higher mind, and the extreme divine beings all around us. Meditation is beneficial to the overall well-being of your health. Not only will meditation aid by relaxing you it also has many healing and mystical purposes.

We live in a world where everything is fast paced and full of stimulus, and it is often hard to shut off the chaos of life. The faster the world moves our mind body and spirit move with it. It is important to take time and slowdown so you can connect to your higher mind and purpose. The benefits of mediation includes but are not limited to; creativity, clearer focus, relief from stress, and greater development of the intuition.

Meditation activates your super powers, by being connected to yourself and the source (God). If you want to increase your intuitive abilities meditation is a great vehicle for that purpose, you will be able to have insight of the worlds around you, angels, spirit guides, and even a deeper knowledge and understanding of those around you. Meditation opens up the crown chakra and gives you a direct line of communication with the universe. It does not take long to go into a meditative/trance state, and you don’t have to meditate for hours on end, sometimes it takes three or five minutes a day to balance yourself. Know that if there is a vision for your life meditation will help clarify that vision and help you to manifest it. Psychics and energy healers often enter this meditative or trance state when we communicate for you. Call me today for a tarot reading or guided meditation session.


Spirit Guides- A new understanding

Posted on March 2, 2015 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

This message is brought to you by our Psychic reader, healer, and shaman Rosalie EXT 14.


         The subject of spiritual guides has been  one filled with mystique and curiosity by many who walk the plane in these times. It is my hope to help to clear some of the questions that may arise about your guides and guardians. Guides are taken on by an individual according to his/her personal needs and belief systems on their earth walk. Please understand that this is only a brief instruction to help you understand how the system of mortal guidance works.

First I would like to share with you that there are levels of guides. We have first the Master-Teachers. These are guides who are high spiritual beings who may or may not have walked this earth. Guides like The Buddha Incarnations, Jesus, etc. They come to teach Humanity the greater truths and teach them how to walk within the light. I am trying to keep this simple, and I want you to know that there are other incarnations who wish to assist humanity in understanding the universal truths in which we all walk.

The Angels and Archangels are light beings who have not lived as humans and who assist humanity in maintaining balance and walking the earth walk. Angels will step in and provide guidance, healing, and insight when we as humans call on them. It is important to know that angels will not interfere without our permission, so it is important to call on them when you need them. Angels have a very etheric vibration and can be described as a force of light. They take the human forms that we assign to them, so that we can wrap our human minds around their very existence. There are many levels of angels that assist us in our walk. Many have unique jobs.

Power Animals are the essence of the animal themselves. Simply put, the higher self of the animal spirit provides insight and guidance throughout our lives. The power animal also acts as an energy source. When one is ill, or low energy, a power animal can step in and provide the oomph” Another job of Power Animals is to provide spiritual and physical guardianship. When a soul is in danger, the power animal will often step in and provide protections. They also act as teachers, pointing the way towards spiritual insight and lessons. It is said that each human is born with significant power animals. Throughout our human experience, power animals move in and out of our lives as we need them. As a shaman, I am familiar with the essence of power animals and how they can assist you in your journey.

Personal Spirit Guides are guides that walk with us during our life. Some guides have one person they assist, and some have a group. They have had incarnations that may or may not have been human. Often a guide may have had a past life with us are signed up to help us walk this lifetime. Personal spirit guide may be Fairie, Angel, or Elfin, just to name a few. To those of us who do spiritual work and healing, we also have guides for our specific work that we do. Rosalie has the ability to see personal spirit guides and often can understand the relationship. Meditation and conscious living help us to better connect with our guides and to hear their voice in our everyday life. Even if you feel you cannot hear or sense them, the beginning step it the knowledge that they are there and are acting out of great love just for you!



Posted on February 23, 2015 at 6:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to the psychic healer source! We are pleased that you have dropped by to see what we are about. We are a group of psychic readers and energetic/ spiritual healers that have combined efforts to bring you messages and healing from spirit. All of our readers work privately as well as on this forum. We are all honest, experienced, and have vast training in development of our gifts. We look at this as our life's calling to serve humanity by connecting to source for information and direction. We all work with beings of light and provide information beyond just predictions as these can be subjective and altered. What we strive to do is provide the information to help you alter your direction and achieve what you desire in your life. We all utilize different skills and reading styles. We have added a helpful definitions page to help you understand exactly what these are. Please don't hesitate to call today to see what spirit has to share. Each call is priced at $5.99 per minute. Please be mindful of the time you spend with our readers as to maintain your budget. Be prepared before you call. Have a list of questions you wish to seek answers to before you dial. The more direct you are the more quickly we can provide your information. There is a common misconception that a psychic is a mind reader. This is not really accurate, and we would prefer for you to get what you are wanting and paying for. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your needs. You might consider signing up for our email list. We will not email daily and fill your inbox, but will provide an email with the blogs posted by our readers, and events that we look forward to planning for you in the future. Many blessings to you!